Spiced Lentils with Egg

When I was in my 20s I decided to live alone, finally, after sharing homes and apartments with an ever-changing stream of roommates. That first year in my solo apartment was the genesis of my desire to learn how to cook well. I knew how to follow a recipe, but I realized there’s so much more to becoming a cook at ease in the kitchen. I remember staring at a pile of brown and wilted vegetables in my fridge and thinking how recipes are nothing more than the gleaming tip of the iceberg, shiny and alluring, but not signaling the many demands they make on a cook: how to shop, how to plan, how to make the most of the ingredients in your fridge and pantry every single day. Continue Reading


Grocery prices keep going up and with supply chain issues keeping us on our toes, eggs have once again become a staple in my diet. They’re inexpensive, versatile, and don’t go bad too quickly. And it just doesn’t get any easier than a simple egg salad. So if you’re short on time, want something filling, cheap, and quick, make some egg salad! This is my super easy and delish version, but I’ve got lots of ideas for variations below, too!

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These Southwest Egg Rolls are your favorite restaurant appetizer that are restaurant delicious and super easy to make at home! They are packed with so much flavor and texture, they not only make a crowd pleasing appetizer, but a scrumptious meal the whole family will love all served with heavenly Cilantro Lime Ranch Dip! These Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls also freeze super well (instructions included), making a convenient make ahead meal, snack or appetizer.

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