I love greens and if you tell me to eat them everyday – I certainly can ! As a matter of fact, I love all veggies and was never really a picky eater…I need my food to look good and yes taste good (duh!). Am glad I don’t have picky eaters at home, but very critical people ( raising an eyebrow) by very I mean very….!! They ( I mean both of you two people, who read my blog and live with me – yes BOTH ) critical only in the context of food. The bright side, when something is super delicious, they shower me with compliments that could last for weeks and it get’s embarrassing when we are outside and even after repeated pleas to dial in down …they don’t ! I know it’s cute but a bit embarrassing when we are out. Yesterday, when I baked them the spinach n eggs, they loved it – just makes me so happy. I was a bit skeptical at first …as finally teen said “I love it, am not sure dad will” but looks like this baked dish is here to stay in my household, hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did and they are going to rave about it for days or even weeks 🙂
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