Peach Financiers

Financiers are little tiny cakes shaped like a miniature brick. Financiers are super moist inside from the almond flour and slightly crispy on the outside. They are the perfect treat with tea. The financiers are supposed to resemble a gold bar; thus the name financier. If you don’t have financier molds you can also make them in tiny muffin tins. I have a financier silicone mold but still brush them with melted butter to help the release even easier. I have come to love silicone baking molds and have many of them. You can find a good assortment of silicone baking molds on as well as many other online sources. You will see many variations of financiers. Some are adorned with various fruits or without; almost any fresh fruit will do. Peaches are in season right now and a perfect pair with almond flavor. Small children really enjoy these tiny cakes as they are easy to hold and eat. Big kids like them too!

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