Southern Buttermilk Pie

Today’s a little bittersweet for me and my family. Today our house goes on the market. It’s a little tough because this was the home that Heather and I came home to as a married couple. It’s the house we brought our little boy home from the hospital to. We know it’s the right decision, but it’s still a little hard. I know home is where you make it, but this place has memories. It’s a great little house and we’re sure to miss it. But the truth is, we didn’t really plan on starting a family as early as we did and the yard just isn’t great for a 3 year old. The backyard has a huge slant and there just isn’t much place to play. And our little guy needs LOTS of room to play. That kid would be outside from sun up to sun down if we’d let him. We need a little more room to spread out, too.

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