The Godfather Cocktail

The Godfather Cocktail
Say hello to my little friend, The Godfather Cocktail. Certain booze lends themselves to certain situations. I drink rum when I want to celebrate, wine when I want to relax, and whiskey (The Godfather) when I’ve packed and moved my apartment in less than a week and my entire body hurts.
  • 1 shot scotch whiskey (or bourbon)
  • 1 shot amaretto
  • Frozen whiskey stones (optional)
  • Fresh cherries (optional)
  1. Drop a few frozen whiskey stones into your favorite glass. Godfather cocktails are usually served in an old-fashioned glass, but use what you have.
  2. Pour both the whiskey and amaretto over the stones, and give a gentle stir. Add cherries if you wish for garnish.
  3. Sip, look fancy, and enjoy!